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About Kalanggaman Island

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This is Palompon’s paradise.  Kalanggaman is considered the most beautiful beach  the province of Leyte has to offer.  The postcard-perfect virgin island with its powder white sand, clear waters, and cool breeze is certainly a virtual place very close to heaven.
What makes this island unique from others is its long sandbars that are stretching on both sides of the island.   The one hour bo

at ride to the island may be a bit challenging bur it is all worth it when you finally set foot on this paradise. If you want to forget your troubles for a  day or if   you want to have a quick getaway with your loved ones, Kalanggaman is definitely the place to go.

You can read a good book without many people kicking sand on your face, you can take amazing photographs all day long, or you can feast on fresh seafood until you tummy grumbles.


Coordinate with the  Palompon Ecotours Office for the scheduling of visits to Kalanggaman island.


Under the Kalanggaman Marine Reserve Ordinance, reasonable fees and charges are scheduled.  Please coordinate with the Ecotours Office.


By regular pump boats-  1 hour
By speedboat- 39 minutes


Kalanggaman is now given an impressive scale of development by the local government after it has been repossessed by the Municipality of Palompon after the trail of unlawful transfers of property.  The municipality had installed huts that could serve as shelter for the unprepared tourists who want to stay overnight and more. You can buy fresh catch of the day from local fishermen. There are grilling stations, wooden tables, and a humble volleyball court that could make your trip more fun.

For safety option, observe  the swimming guides in the island.  If you do not want to experience the thrill of  a rocky boat ride,  do not travel between 12 noon to 3 pm.  Tents are the best option if you want to stay overnight.

The Palompon Municipal Eco-Tourism Council, Inc. is currently all out to make your sojourn in Kalanggaman Island safe with remarkable fun and delight as you scale and commune the virtual paradise of Palompon, Leyte.

There’s more exciting nature’s trip in Kalanggaman Island! Come on . . . in!